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Post Info TOPIC: The "War Against Northern Aggression" was NEVER about slavery!

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The "War Against Northern Aggression" was NEVER about slavery!

First, the proof that "it WASN'T about slavery" is the Corwin Amendment ratified in Congress with the help and blessing of Lincoln; three Northern states ratified the amendment after it passed both houses of Congress. The amendment placed slavery into the Constitution in perpetuity and could not be revoked. If the South wanted a guarantee of slavery, Corwin would have done that. Indeed, Lincoln pushed very hard for the amendment to keep the Southern states - and 80% of the federal revenues - in the Union. Any Southern state that had already seceded would have been welcomed back without any difficulties. But, since that wasn't at all what the secession was about, the South declined the invitation and remained as their own sovereign nation.

But, frankly, NONE OF THAT MATTERS! The only act defined as "treason" in the Constitution is that of "waging war" against the Sovereign States. The seceding states were all "sovereign states" by constitutional definition. On the other hand, the "federal government" - a creation of the Sovereign States through the Constitution, WAS NOT. Hence, it was NOT treason for South Carolina to protect herself from the federal government which had promised armed resistance to any attempts at constitutionally guaranteed secession. Indeed, even if there had been a question about the constitutionality of secession (and there wasn't despite Lincoln's claims), there could be NO question that the U.S.'s action of waging war against South Carolina was TREASON.

This is not a matter of "feelings" but of "law." The War was unconstitutional and treasonous however "noble" its motives. But even its motives were not "noble." It was all about money and the huge amounts paid by Southern states through exorbitant tariffs. Lincoln was ELECTED on the promise that he would continue to use the States of the South as a "cash cow" for the Northern majority. So much for all the vainglorious boasts of nobility from "The Union." It is all a lie and it doesn't matter how often Marxist revisionist "historians" chant the mantra of "it was all about slavery." Mindless repetition does not make a lie true.

One of the most vocal of the liars is the so-called 'columnist' that is printed here in the Enterprise, but there is never a link to the column online which eliminates the much-needed comments section. One could spend all day correcting Pitts but he will never listen. He is a paid shill for the Communist-controlled naacp, it is vital to his wallet that he continue making written attacks upon the South.
But polls show that 75 to 99 per cent of Americans aren't buying his load of manure, they know it wasn't about slavery.
You can't cover up the truth, and pitts is slowly diminishing in circulation and readership.

Come on, enterprise, show some guts and put pitts' column in the online section and keep the comments section unedited.

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